We are a responsible team that values integrity, safety and transparency.

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibility: it is the sole responsibility of the customer to install and maintain wiring equipment in a safe and operable condition. Significant increases or changes in connected loads shall be reported to the company by the customer. The company does not assume any responsibility for the adequacy or safety of the customer’s wiring and/or equipment.

Inspections/Re-inspections: The Company inspects all service related electrical equipment for compliance as specified in the National Electric Code (NEC). Electric wiring and/or equipment installed beyond the Company’s attachment is the responsibility of the customer and shall be inspected by Company personnel to ensure regulatory compliance of any requested inspections by the applicant or their designated contractor.

Requests for Information. The company will be pleased to assist the customer with any questions relating to the connection of their electric service. Company Representatives are available at the New Business Services Field Offices to answer requests for information regarding the application of these specifications

Our employees are dedicated to continuing our company’s long outstanding reputation as a trusted provider of safe, reliable, clean, and cost effective energy services and solutions that enhance the lives and businesses of our customers. We strive to make the customer’s experience the focus in all aspects of our daily operations

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