Come and consult with us, you shall not regret.

Our Services are;
  • Building, construction, architectural, plumbing and carpentry work.
  • Civil engineering and construction of buildings and carpentry. 
  • Construction of high and low voltage powerlines.
  • Construction of roads and bridges.
  • Construction of solar project.
  • Construction of transmission lines.
  • Design ,fabrication and installation of aluminum structures.
  • Electrical, plumbing and other installation activities.
  • Fabrication and Welding.
  • Mounting and wiring of electrical equipment and switch gear.
  • Wiring of domestic, commercial and industrial building.
  • Assemble and servicing of switch gears.
  • Transformer Servicing.
  • Cable works: Supply and Installation.
  • Supply of Electricity Material.
  • Solar Systems: Supply Installation.
  • Power line Construction: HV&LV.
  • Transformer Installation.
  • Transformer Oil Testing.
  • Earth Resistance Testing.
  • Transformer Repairs.
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